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My Calling is Simple

I try to leave people a little better than I found them*

As an ontological coach, my work is centered on your view of the world and how you show up. Through deep inquiry, I help you discover what is standing between you and the life you wish for yourself. Then we bring about the change, often transformational, that puts you on the path to that future.

Your ontology is your way of being. It’s how you show up, move through the world, and impact others who, in turn, impact your life. Day-by-day your ontology, transparent to you, draws boundaries around the possibilities for your life. Awakening to this is key to expanding your options.

Carl Jung may have said it best.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
- Carl Jung

I help you uncover how this is playing out in your life. Then I help you take hold of fate’s reigns to guide your life in the direction of your choosing.

*While this is true for my coaching, it is equally true for how I move through the world in general. I make no distinction between those I coach and those I casually encounter, including animals and Mother Earth, although I generally don’t coach them. :)