Weed? What's a weed?

Pssst.... Hey! Look here!

Who? Me?

Yes, you.

Where are you?

Look down.

Oh yes. I see now. What are you?

I am a gift.

Sweet. Whose gift are you?

I'm tree's. And I'm yours now, too.

Awww... very nice. Thank you :)
You're very pretty.
I love your purple flowers.

Thank you.

May I take your picture?


I want the picture to be perfect.
Perhaps I should pull the weed first.


Yes. The one right in front of you.

I don't see a weed. Or...uh... I'm sorry.
I'm so embarrassed to ask this.
What's a weed?

Oh, silly, it's right there in plain sight.
Long, green, sawtooth leaves.

You mean my sister?

Your sister?

Well, not my real sister, but we grew up together. Attached at the roots since we were seedlings. 
She's hysterical! Tree thinks so too.

Wow! Who knew?
I'm so glad you said something!
You'll be beautiful together.
Now, hold still.
(Like I had to say that. hehe)

Ok, don't be a wiseguy.

Together now, say "Cheese!"


Beautiful. Let's do it again, further back this time to get tree in the picture.


That's great.

Thank you! Thank you!
Will you be back?

Absolutely. And we'll chat again.
I'll sit and rest against tree.

You'll love that. He's very comfy.
We can't wait!

Me too!
By the way, would you mind
if I featured you in a blog post?

Oh, that sounds wonderful!
We'd love to be featured in a blog post.  uh.... what's a blog post?

You really don't get out much, do you.
We'll talk about it when I come back.

Ok. But how about one more shot. Tree would like his friends to be in your, what is it again? Blog post?

Sure. No problem. Everyone, SMILE!


Beautiful :)