For the Sake of What?

So much of what we do, so much of what we want, so many of our dreams and aspirations swirl around this question, "for the sake of what?" This is a coaching question that stands at the edge between many breakdowns and breakthroughs.

The events of September 11, 2001 shook the United States and the watching world to the core. Millions turned inward to examine their lives as they felt the loss and heartache accompanying these tragic attacks. Millions questioned how they were spending their precious moments. Millions asked themselves, "for the sake of what?" were they engaged in their current day-to-day lives and in their dream state of a future they wished for.

Today, I offer my heart and a coaching question for you to ponder as you explore your own answers. I wish you curiosity and wonder on your journey.


  • Partnering in a creative, thought-provoking process to inspire and ignite the potential in your life


  • What coaching might look like to a fly on the wall

   Coach questions... Coachee stories...   
      Coach questions... Coachee explanations...
         Coach questions... Coachee assessments...
            Coach questions... Coachee interpreted meaning...
Our life experience is rich with stories. Stories we tell ourselves and others with explanations that support the assessments and opinions we hold about the meaning we attach to them. But coaching doesn't live there. It only visits long enough to create the context to look forward with powerful questioning, like:

"For the sake of what?"

This powerful question speaks into being a compelling pause. A pause with the power to yield insights and breakthroughs with no need to dwell in, or justify, the past.

Powerful coaching is masterful questioning. Masterful coaching is powerful questioning. Questioning that leads us from living in our stories to drawing from them to create our hoped-for future.

For the sake of what are you working long hours?
For the sake of what do you want to get married?
For the sake of what are you choosing this career?
For the sake of what do you wish to be with this person?
For the sake of what are you making this change?

"For the sake of what..." - now you fill in the blank. But before you respond, get out of your head. This is a "purpose" question who's "why" lives in your gut, not your brain. Don't rush to the question, and don't justify your answer. First feel it. And then give it voice.

Need help with a quiet mind to do this exercise? Meditation can help. Visit the Resources page and go to the "Meditation" section to see if something suits you. Or, for a quick start, head right to Calm and step into this journey right now.